Maggie Polen Bryce
Western Artist

11006 South Highway 191
Safford, Arizona 85546
(928) 792-4283

Maggie’s interest in art began in grammar school. “I was always drawing horses and the Arizona desert.” In the years of raising a family and working full-time, she didn’t have much time to really think about art until a friend kept pestering her to take a tole painting class with her. That fun experience got her off and running and awakened a passion that has stayed with her ever since. She took many semesters of college art, getting her degree at the age of fifty. She also studied under many other private instructors and feels she learned a lot from each one. She is particularly grateful to Dr. Richard Hillis at Glendale Community College. “I feel him standing over me, supervising every stroke I make of my pencil or brush."

Maggie has won many awards for her art.  Her work is represented in the Western Way Art Gallery in Tombstone AZ, Chase Creek Market Place Gallery in Clifton AZ, Huachuca Art Association Gallery in Sierra Vista AZ, Last Day in Paradise Gallery in Silver City NM and Verano Fine Art Gallery in Bisbee AZ.

Maggie has always loved and owned horses. She always maintained that horses are much cheaper than a psychiatrist! They are a balm to the weary soul. She painted horse portraits for years while living in rural Phoenix.

She has two beautiful daughters who follow their own creative wanderings. "It is fun to watch my grand daughter, Andrea, with her own art talent and love of horses."

Maggie lives with her husband, Wes, on a small ranch south of Safford, Arizona. They share their lives with horses, cattle, dogs, cats, chickens and hundreds of homing pigeons that Wes races with his son, Steven. They enjoy riding horseback under the watchful eye of majestic Mt. Graham where the city sprawl hasn't found them yet.

Maggie has a new studio now, built by her husband. Wes turned out to be a pretty good carpenter! His sons and grandson helped with the construction and even little great-grandson, Kyle, helped by sweeping up sawdust and being a general gofer. Maggie painted the floor with Navajo rug designs. "I'm very pleased with the light and cheerful ambience of my new studio. Come visit if you can."

Maggie has dedicated her art to the glory of God. "The Lord bestowed this talent upon me. It is my responsibility to use it and always strive to do better." One of her latest projects is murals she painted on the classroom walls of her church. The rainbows, animals and bright colors really cheered up the otherwise plain rooms. The children seem to appreciate the addition and the older ones want murals in their classrooms too.

Western art is Maggie's specialty. "I have always loved anything Western. Truly, my heroes have always been cowboys!"

News Flash!

Our new art studio and gallery is now complete and open to visitors. Come and visit us if you are in the Safford Arizona area. The coffee pot is always on!